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File sharing is an essential part of the business process, and email services do not allow for transferring huge files. In certain situations, additional file-sharing solutions may be a lifesaver.

Large file sharing can be a difficult and inconvenient experience if you don’t use the correct software. While WeTransfer is an established file transfer tool, you might not want to use it for various reasons. There are several substantial WeTransfer alternatives available right now, and in the following sections, we’ll look at them.

What WeTransfer Offer?

WeTransfer is a file-sharing site with a worldwide following that provides a simple service for sharing huge files online for personal and professional use. It supports the transfer of any format of a file. This, together with an easy-to-use interface, explains WeTransfer’s worldwide popularity.

Users can share up to 2GB of files at a time using the free plan. The maximum file size limit is 20GB if you opt for the premium service. Send a file to your friends and coworkers only takes a few actions.

Here are some of the most popular WeTransfer alternatives:

1. Internxt (https://internxt.com/)

Users may use Internxt’s cloud-based service, including best-in-class security and privacy. You may share up to 10GB of files as a free user. It does not have access to your files or sell personal data to third parties because they are the core of its business model.

It encrypts your files and breaks them up before they leave your device using cutting-edge Web 3.0 technologies. This platform includes synchronization, backup, and file-sharing services in complete secrecy. You may use a web browser, mobile app (Android and iOS), or desktop software to access this site.

2. Google Drive (https://www.google.com/drive/)

You may use a Google/Gmail account; in that case, using WeTransfer as a Google Drive replacement is an acceptable alternative. It allows you to share the content from a computer, tablet, or mobile device with minimal effort. You can link Google Drive with other productivity applications, such as Slack, Adobe, DocuSign, Salesforce, and Atlassian.

Google Drive is a free tool that automatically checks any file you want to share for spam, malware, ransomware, and phishing. It prevents sharing if any infection is discovered by performing proactive scanning. Its connection with popular cloud-native collaboration tools such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides allows for real-time effective team collaboration.

3. Smash (https://fromsmash.com/)

Smash is an excellent service for sending large stuff to anybody. It supports all file types and directory structures, allowing you to send them to the receivers conveniently and swiftly. The platform also ensures that your data are protected against external forces.

The company claims that its program is over 5 times faster than its competitors in sending files utilizing its strong algorithm. Using this technology, you may get a more incredible upload speed since the tool uploads the files to a server near the user’s location.

4. Dropbox (https://www.dropbox.com/)

Dropbox is a cloud storage and file synchronizing program that allows you to share files with anyone, providing complete security. Simply sharing a link enables you to share almost anything, including photos, films, zips, or CAD models. It’s not like email attachments, and it allows Files of up to 2GB in size.

You can share nested folders and sub-folders within a folder. If you’d like to share an entire folder, do so. You must create a shared link and send it via email, chat, or text. Share files and folders may also be viewed and downloaded by individuals who don’t have a Dropbox file storage account.

The web interface can upload, download, and share files. The file deletion is also confirmed in real-time. Any modifications to the shared files are immediately visible to all recipients and automatically applied. For smooth cooperation, everyone working as a team may put their sharable materials in a shared folder for easy access.

5. Filetransfer.io (https://filetransfer.io/)

If you want to avoid WeTransfer, there are several alternatives available. Filetransfer.io is one of them. It enables you to transmit any file, including documents, photos, videos, and presentations. Users can share any file.

This platform supports both file sharing and file storage. If your connection is lost while uploading, it will resume when the connection is reestablished. Filetransfer.io allows you to create passwords for your data packages that are shared on the network.

6. 4shared (https://www.4shared.com/?)

4shared is a file sharing and storage platform many people may recall as a music download site. 100GB of cloud storage are available to users, who may post any file for sharing.

The 4shared platform allows you to save time by downloading files quickly and repeatedly. 4shared encrypts your data using SSL technology. You can provide smooth sharing by utilizing its direct download links. Android users may use the file-sharing service as well.

7. Filemail (https://www.filemail.com/)

Send enormous files for free with no size limit, as long as you have Filemail. This file delivery service employs two-factor authentication, end-to-end data encryption, password protection, and virus scanning for added security.

You can monitor the shared files, who downloads them and when/where they are downloaded. If you choose, you may receive large files on your website.

8. Terashare (https://terashare.net/)

By connecting your computer directly to the receiver’s system, Terashare assures effortless extensive file sharing. Sending files on this platform is not only quick and free, but it is also unrestricted in terms of file size. Files larger than 10 gigabytes are also kept on the Terashare server so that people may download them even if yours is not operational.

Its purpose is to generate a one-of-a-kind, secret link as you share a file. The recipients may download the material straight from your system using that link. It uses cloud uploading and the P2P BitTorrent protocol for file exchange.

9. Hightail (https://www.hightail.com/)

Hightail believes file-sharing should be simple, and it offers features to help you securely send, receive, and store files. Users can access the documents from anywhere in the world at any time because they are kept in the cloud. The sender is immediately informed by email as soon as the files are available for download or delivery.

Downloading is also a quick procedure since there is no requirement for recipients to have a Hightail account to access your files. There will be no more annoyance over file-sharing because of features such as one-click content access, automatic file previews, and super-fast downloads.

10.  SurgeSend (https://www.surgesend.com/)

Do you want to share huge files with absolute privacy and military-grade encryption securely? SurgeSend is a program that allows you to transmit 50GB of files. It also has the “pause and resumes” upload function, which you may find helpful. It’s possible to exchange data with businesses or individuals using SurgeSend to share links to your uploaded files through WhatsApp and WeChat.

SurgeSend allows you to keep track of the status of transferred files. It sends you an email notification when the file is received and downloaded by the recipient. You may stop and resume uploading from another device without starting from the beginning if you need to change devices.


File-sharing platforms come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have the same goal: simplify file sharing. Whether you’re looking for a platform that offers military-grade encryption or one that lets you pause and resume uploading, there’s sure to be a file-sharing service perfect for your needs. And with so many services available, there’s no excuse not to get your files out there!

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