Client Area

For Our Clients

Welcome to our Client Area. FD Studio designed this client area for providing knowledgeable information for our customer. If you have any question or any query in your mind client area help you a lot to solve all your problems and guide you in perfect way:

In client area we include different services:

  • Customer Portal
  • Web Questionnaire
  • Submit Ticket
  • Skype Chat
  • FAQ’s
  • Send Payments

Customer Login

Friends Studio (FD) introduce the feature of customer portal.

Web Questionnaire

Web Questionnaire help you as a business owner decide what kind of website you want, and what your priorities are.

Submit Ticket

Friends Studio (FD) team ready to resolves all issues and introduce submit ticket option.

Skype Chat

FD Studio team also available on skype you can contact direct through skype messaging and call.


We have design FAQ’s section where our clients get more appropriate information according to services and requirement.

Send Payments

FD Studio team always find out the reliable payment source of their client.
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